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Rules for Always Looking Polished

> As a woman it's important that you always look your absolute best.

> You should be accomplished at styling your hair, applying makeup that both covers your imperfections and highlights your best features, plus practice a rigorous daily beauty routine.

> You should wear heels that elongate your frame and create an air of femininity.

> You should always wear the cut and colours that best suit your shape and complexion, with no exception.

If you have taken any of this on board, we really need to talk. However, if you've just about spat out your coffee wondering WTF I’m on about, good!

Because every word you've just read is utter bullshit! In fact I struggled to type it.

But now that I've got your attention, please read on.

There is both blatant and underlying pressure on women, of all ages to adhere to this way thinking - to be made up, put together, always making an effort.

But everyone knows it's both unrealistic and impossible to constantly be any of those things. It can't be done. Not every day. And, honestly, why should it?

We as career women, Mothers, entrepreneurs, wives, singletons, partners, homemakers, carers, leaders and go-getters have far better things to do than fanny about with our reflection for hours at a time.

And time is what it takes, along with thought, know-how and energy to look polished.

While I advocate looking great to promote confidence and a healthy self image, I do not recommend letting it become a daily practice that weighs you down.

Coz here's the thing . . .

Letting go of who we're "supposed" to be (gorgeous, together and flawless) and embracing who and what we actually are (natural, imperfect and authentic) is the most healthy and honest step toward self care and true contentment.


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