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Self Awareness

Once upon a time I was an accomplished dancer, singer/songwriter - an all around performer. Outwardly confident and self assured.

Except, I wasn’t.

Deep down I was insecure, desperately unsure of myself, needing to impress, to fit in, be funny, look beautiful, be liked.

And it wasn't until I started working with women who were so blatantly suffering with these very issues too, that I begun to see my own reflection!

For most of my life I’d managed to fake it.


I spent years in controlling relationships, emulating my friends, altering who I was, with no clue I was doing it . . . and all to be accepted and loved!

It took YEARS to notice that my quirks, idiosyncracies and all the unique little parts that made me who I was, were not only OK, but actually my BEST BITS.

And this is what I talk about with women who spend their lives hiding their "flaws" . . . women who live to please everyone else . . . women who haven't yet realized their own worth.

How aware are you of the beliefs you're holding on to about yourself?


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