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Shop Like a Pro

Not everyone is a seasoned pro, like myself, when it comes to shopping 😝

I love lush fabrics, vibrant pattern, playful items and variety. I will shop anywhere that offers me these options, from high end to preloved.

And no matter where you shop or how much you spend, it's important to keep certain things in mind for a successful retail experience. And by successful, I mean both productive and enjoyable.

So here are some strategies I adopt when treating myself to a spot of retail therapy, in both charity stores, such as Save Mart and high street stores alike.

> Know what you have, then shop accordingly. Most women tend to repeat buy, and while it's fun to buy the things we know and love, 900 pairs of black leggings is not necessary.

> Treat your shopping trips as research. Exploring what's currently trending and more importantly, what you do and don’t like is key, as is trying on garments to see how something will work on your body. What looks great on the hanger might not look so flash on you and vice versa.

> Don’t get sucked in to buying stuff just coz it's on sale.

> If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it.

> Don't kid yourself! SQUEEZING every last inch of yourself into something means it's not the right size, even if that's your "usual size". All designers size differently.

> Avoid shopping with the friend who says you look amazing in everything. She might be great for your ego, but during a shopping trip, you need honesty over flattery.

> Learn about yourself. Know what your best bits are, what colours are most flattering, what makes your eyes pop, your skin glow and your mood lighten when you wear it.  Buy that stuff.


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