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So Far, So Good

At the start of the year I made a statement that it was not only important for me to step into 2022 with clarity, positivity and an openness to what lies ahead, but also to acknowledge what I'm leaving behind.

Like most, I spent year after year focusing on what I wanted to achieve, without ever giving thought to what I wanted to shut the door on.

Here's my list of things I was determined NOT to carry into this year.

* Living without balance * Guilt * Taking things too personally * Procrastination through perfectionism * Expecting too much from myself and others * Sweating the small stuff

I've never been a pro at sticking to things that require LOTS of inner work, but my success with these goals has shown me how much I've grown.

How about you?

Did you give any thought to what you wanted to leave behind this year?

And if so, how's that going for you?

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