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Wellbeing Routine

It’s this time of the year - as in a few months in, and not the very start - that I naturally and without force, begin to think about my routines and goals and whether or not I’m happy with them.

It’s healthy to question our lifestyle choices - fitness levels, beauty regimen, diet - and make efforts to step away from bad habits and think about creating new good ones in their place.

And the truth is no one can tell you what’s truly right for you except for you, however there are pillars upon which you can create an ideal wellness lifestyle.

Here’s 3 tips to help you build a wellbeing routine that works for you.

1. MOVE - Before you roll your eyes at this first point, I’m not suggesting 3-5 days of hardcore workouts. What I recommend is to forget what exercises you THINK you should be doing and focus on what you WANT to do. After all, there’s no point sweating and moaning for an hour or two each week if you hate every minute of it. Ask yourself: what sport or exercise do you or could you enjoy. Then get into it.

2. EAT - How and what you choose to eat is so important to our daily lives. It can be daunting to know how to get it right. Something I myself have struggled with for years. So what about breaking your diet down to your needs and your goals? For example, if you have allergies or intolerances, this is the structure around which you build your meals. Then align your goals. Do you need to reign in on snacking? Or cut out meat or all animal products? Perhaps you just want to enjoy a healthy diet that’s also delicious and satisfying. Regardless, start being mindful of what and how you consume food and enjoy.

3. WELLNESS - Start by clarifying what improves your emotional wellbeing by asking yourself: What self care routines do I have in place? How much time do I spend on it? And how do I benefit from that time? Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, reading, gardening – the list can feel overwhelming and while these options are wonderful ways to care for yourself, you don’t need to do ALL of them. Pursue those that bring you joy and fit within the rhythm of your life. Be it quiet reflection, learning a new skill, or spending time with a loved one.

Remember simplicity is everything.


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