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why i don't give a hoot about 'body shapes'

Most personal stylists will measure you, discuss your body shape and eventually pigeon-hole you into 'the hourglass', 'the triangle', 'the apple', 'the pear' blah blah blah. There's a few straight-forward reasons why I don't do this, regardless of my training. I could and do offer advice on how to dress a certain shape but its terribly generic and I make that point known.

Firstly, no body can be categorised. You may have the 'typical hourglass shape" but you may also have a decent set of bingo wings, short legs you desperately try to elongate, a double-chin etc etc. No book is going to give you specific advice on your body. It's unique and you have your own hang-ups about it.

Another important point is that I dont know of a single woman who appreciates being catgorised. Not only does it throw you in as one of the crowd but as a client, you may feel as if you're being given textbook, off-the-shelf advice that isnt specific to you; as if there is one rule for all pears and another for triangles.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, who the hell cares what shape you are? You're body is what it is. Tall, lean, short, curvy, bronzed, wrinkly ... FABULOUS! There's only one way to dress it and that is, whatever makes you feel and look your best.


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