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“I want to say a special thank you for styling me from top to toe, for the Fashion In The Fields Event. You gave me the confidence to do it!  If it wasn't for you I would never have seen myself in that way. Thank you for everything. You are such an amazing, gorgeous woman inside and out and I'm so thankful for everything you've done for me. You changed the way I look at myself and I can't thank you enough for that. I feel so gorgeous, more confident in myself and more beautiful than ever thanks to you. I couldn’t have done any of this without you.  Thanks so much for everything."  - renee

"I may be an old fart, but you have inspired me more than anyone else. You have given me the courage to TRY new things and not be stuck in my old ways.  I feel confident in my size 16/18 skin all thanks to you.  I'm loving my new fashion buys, new makeup techniques and feeling like a woman again.  Can't thank you enough - you are a miracle worker." - ailsa


"Shadan has such a huge love of fashion and through that she helped me to see clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up in a completely different light. Our styling sessions were enormously fun and incredibly surprising. I wasn't confident when it came to making myself look good and shied away from anything too quirky or fashionable, thinking it was best left to 'fashionistas'. But Shadan changed all that for me. Throughout our sessions she picked up things I would never dreamed of and her eye for detail and knack for pulling unusual things together has made me more adventurous and confident in wearing things I had normally put aside. Shadan genuinely finds joy in beautiful, unique things, be it a pair of shoes, a brooch, the detailing on a dress, or the colour of an eye-shadow, and she loves the ways in which they can be worn or adapted to suit different days, situations, outfits and individuals. The make-up she used on me was beyond anything I'd have done, but it worked brilliantly because she's not afraid to experiment and adapt to suit the individual. Initially I felt over-done because I was simply not used to it but the photos speak for themselves - I look fantastic! The advice she gave throughout our sessions has given me a different, more confident outlook on how I dress and I have never had so much playfulness in my dress sense or received so many compliments as a result! Shadan proved to me that I don't have to be a model or a fashionista to look amazing and she taught me that bringing out my own individual style and having fun with what I wear will always be more attractive anyway."  - amy

"I have attended both a Retail Style Workshop and a Group Styling Workshop and loved both of them! I  walked away with new tools on how to style from each. Shadan made everyone feel really at ease and was so incredibly helpful with questions and advice. I will definitely be attending more!"  - rachel

"Just spending time with Shadan is life changing! As I go along my Eat/Love/Pray journey Shadan has not only given me confidence to be ME but she's found again my inner "belly-laugh" plus there's nothing wrong with a little champagne in the morning. Thanks Shadan. I look forward to our next catch up." - rachel

"What a fantastic evening with Shadan, for my first Retail Style Workshop. Shadan is down-to-earth, funny, engaging and kept my customers laughing and entertained while giving current and relevant styling tips and advice. As a business owner, the event was a great success and I can totally recommend this experience! I already have Shadan pencilling me in for the next one."  - shabby chic boutique te awamutu

"I love Shadan's relaxed, reassuring manner.  She has fabulous ideas.  After my wardrobe session I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe.  I highly recommend it." - andi

"I had the pleasure of going on a shopping trip with Shadan. I won’t lie I was so nervous but after losing some weight I was in need of some advice about what suited, styles, colours etc as I was no longer just buying because it fitted. Shadan put me at ease straight away and before I knew it we had arms of things to try on. What I loved about Shadan was she was not influenced by having to have designer labels or spending a lot. She was budget savvy and it was about the style, cut, fabric and how that fitted into my lifestyle. There was no pressure to buy but was about seeing how different items looked on my body and trying new things that I wouldn’t normally. Shadan was genuine, sincere and honest. If it looked crap she said so and likewise wow factor was celebrated together. If you are in a bit of a frump, need some new ideas or have lost some weight and need some help, I do not hesitate in recommending Shadan. Spend a little bit of money on yourself so that you end up with some great pieces that suit you instead of a drawer of impulse buys that don’t get worn. Thanks Shadan, for helping me get my sparkle back." - angela

"This lady is amazeballs. I had a champagne makeover and went in feeling nervous, not knowing what was expected of me. After just a short time I felt at ease and like I was sitting with an old friend. She made me look amazing while giving me tips an getting me out of my comfort zone - without me realising it. I highly recommend Inna moment." - pania












"Champagne, Make up and Dressing Up. Shadan discusses what products she uses and how to apply them yourself. It is so much fun and at the end you look and feel amazing. Shadan is knowledgeable and so much fun to be around. Everyone should treat themselves and this is the perfect way to do it." - catherine


"Shadan is an exceptional lady, who is easy to talk to. She should be a counsellor! My experience was intimate and theraputic and I would absolutely recommend Inna Moment's services.  - lorraine

"Thanks Shadan. You are a miracle worker! My makeover was so much fun. You gave me wonderful tips and have changed the way I think and feel about myself. I will definitely be putting a lot more colour into my wardrobe."  - ailsa













"Shadan is friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel incredibly relaxed. I loved the colours and products she used during my makeover and I'd definitely recommend her services."  - earlene

""My cheeks still hurt from my afternoon with Shadan. She is knowlegable, warm and bloody hilarious!" Every woman should have a session with Inna Moment!" - Liz"

"One session with Shadan is not enough! I just booked my fourth and it won't be the last!" - Viv"

“I was expecting a styling session to involve lots of headshaking, tutting and expense! But I couldn’t have been more wrong! Shadan is ridiculously positive and excited by clothes, and it’s hard not to catch her enthusiasm! I don't think she's met many items of clothing she doesn't like, or can't think of a good way of wearing them! I was left loving a lot of clothes I'd long forgotten, buying an outfit for a wedding for a quarter of what I'd normally pay and learning the vital art of accessorising. In the bargain, I've lost a few hang-ups about my figure, learnt to make more of my good points and discovered which colours really suit me. Shadan makes it fun and exciting, and there's no tutting or head shaking!! Suggestions are friendly; there are no hard rules you MUST follow, just handy suggestions, tips and encouragement, to help you be bolder. I'd recommend her to everyone. Shopping and getting ready are so much more fun and easier now and I feel 100% more confident!"  - mel


"Shadan is so passionate about women looking and feeling their very best, regardless of age and size. She is an inspiration."  - georgia

"I recently had the pleasure of attending a Group Styling Workshop at Dalton's Plantation. On arrival, everyone was excited of the prospect of what was to come and we weren’t disappointed! A beautiful high tea was served and chatter continued in a warm, friendly environment. Shadan began her demonstration taking everyone step by step in a very fun and professional manner. It was very funny and very real.  Shadan displays a real passion and knowledge of style and styling. I would love to have her sort me out every morning and would seriously recommend a workshop for an individual or group of ladies to attend. Fun, light and very inspirational."  - ali

"What a fabulous morning I had with Shadan today. I felt special and pampered, along with learning so much from this lovely talented lady." - alex

"A truly inspirational experience. I received a champagne makeover voucher as a Christmas present and loved it! Shadan is wonderful and made me feel confident to try new styles/colours that I would never have tried before. Thankyou Shadan."
 - natalie

"Oh my.... It appears I have an alter ego and Shadan certainly brought her out of me (watch out Kate Moss!) From entering the "dress up den" to make up, lights, camera and strike a pose. I definitely felt in good health, love and got my swagger back! We giggled, chatted and wow what a smoking hot time I had!" - sian

"I thoroughly enjoyed my makeover. It was alot of fun. I felt glamorous and I was pleasantly surprised by how fabulous I looked in such a variety of bright, vibrant colours. I just think I look bloody fabulous!"  - mary





"Shadan has fantastic ideas, tips and practical, accessible advice relating to makeup and personal styling. Her relaxed, approachable style and great sense of humour really added to the experience. It was so much fun."  - andrea












"A heartfelt email to thank you so much for stimulating a 67 year old into action! I had no idea that with minimum effort I could not only look good but feel more confident and content with the ageing process. You did an amazing job and I promise I will make a daily effort with my make up; something I have never done before."  - sharron



"Loved my time with Shadan. I learned a lot of new make up techniques and tried on clothes in colours I never would have considered which was a nice suprise. Such a fun, relaxing time time and one every woman should experience!"  - vera

"I loved everything Shadan styled me in and how she knew exactly what went with what. After a couple of hours of bubbles, styling, chatting and giggles I was blown away by my photography and came away feeling amazing and so good about myself! I would recommend (and have) to anyone that wants to know how to dress, use accessories, that wants their confidence boosted incredibly or wants to learn how to shop and where. Shadan is amazing, fun, talented and really knows her stuff!"  - shereen

"Hands down, one of the best things I have ever done for myself. My whole life I hadn’t a clue what to wear or how to express who I was through my clothing. Thanks to Shadan's expertise and guidance, that has changed." - rachel

"I never considered seeing a professional stylist - I didn't think I needed one - but Shadan is more like a comedic, styling genius. I just felt like I was playing dress-ups with a good friend. She made me feel relaxed, beautiful and important. Amazing!" - mel


"Thanks again Shadan. It was a challenge for me, but after today I'm feeling a lot more confident. What a huge change it made."  - vanessa

"I was a lucky winner of a Facebook Mini Makeover & Personal Styling package giveaway. I was very excited as the appointment date with Shadan was the day before my birthday - best birthday present ever! The day was so special and to have some time for myself was a real treat - including the yummy champagne. Shadan was a lot of fun and loads of laughs. She helped me understand the importance of colour in my clothes and face which made me feel so much more confident! I highly recommend Shadan and her fashion advice!"  - juliet

I had a wardrobe inspiration session with Shadan and she made me feel so good about what is in my wardrobe! She also identified a few items that would add to it and gave me so many handy tips. She put me at ease right from the start and I loved every moment of it - rachel

"I was lucky enough to win a makeover (with Inna Moment). I was very nervous as I am a curvaceous lady but I didn't need to be. I felt so comfortable and was very impressed with the styles and colours I was able to wear. And the makeup - wow - Shadan made me look beautiful and gave me some very helpful tips. I totally recommend this amazing lady and her gift of making everyone feel beautiful and amazing. Looking forward to going back as my journey of weight loss progresses." - leeanne

"I was fortunate enough to have spent some time with this lovely, honest and very talented lady. Best lunch hour ever! The advice received and uplifting motivation to be the best me, has been a real life changer. I now not only know how to wear makeup to highlight my best bits, I have also started taking care of the canvas. Thanks Shadan for your fun, honest approach to a very overwhelming subject at times.... I feel great!" - jodes

"AMAZING experience having a wardrobe makeover. Thank you Shadan!!! It’s like going shopping in my own wardrobe. Working with what I have and making it work. There was no pressure to throw away items I love – it was great fun, very relaxed and chilled. The stress of deciding what to wear every day has disappeared and I have so many workable options. Shadan is so relaxed, fun and has fantastic ideas – I highly recommend her!!!" - andrea