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Personal Coaching + Mentoring

Personal  coaching sessions support you to :

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  • Address your confidence issues

  • Overcome self doubt

  • Feel empowered

  • Heighten self awareness

  • Silence your inner-critic​

  • Clarify your purpose, goals + values

  • Release limiting beliefs

  • Prioritize self-care sustainably

  • Break self-sabotaging behaviours

  • Overcome overthinking

  • Establish nurturing routines

  • Decrease overwhelm

  • Rewrite old thought patterns

  • Identify motivation roadblocks

  • Overcome fear-based thinking

  • Unleash your potential

  • Create positive behavioural change

Your Investment

Approximately 1 hour per session

$149 first session


$95 per subsequent sessions

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions available to suit your lifestyle, available virtually of face-to-face.

All coaching clients receive customized coaching and unparalleled attention and support. Sessions are available in-home, in-studio, online or telephone support. 





Do I need to live local?


I work with clients all over the globe!  As long as you have access to the internet, we will be able to connect.

Is what I share confidential?

Without question.  What you share in our sessions stays in our sessions.

Does confidence coaching replace therapy?

Confidence Coaching is not therapy.  There are overlapping similarities in the work we will do and what you might discuss, but coaching is not intended to replace therapy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Discovery Call

Book your free discovery call and find out how coaching can benefit you

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