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Personal Coaching

One on one  coaching that enables you to address your confidence issues, help you clear out limiting beliefs, reconnect with your yourself, re-energise + support you to focus on a positive mindset + map out the path to achieving your goals.  Includes additional online support between sessions, using strategies + techniques to help you create clarity + heightened self awareness.Personal  coaching enables you to address your confidence issues, tackle limiting beliefs, overcome self-doubt and reconnect with your yourself.  Sessions support you to focus on a positive mindset, using strategies and techniques to help you create clarity, feel empowered and heighten your self awareness.

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How can it help?

Silence your inner-critic​

Identify passions + goals

Live without internal pressures

Clarify your purpose + values

release limiting beliefs

Prioritize self-care sustainably

Break self-sabotaging behaviours

Overcome overthinking

Establish nurturing routines

Implement happiness habits

Decrease overwhelm

Rewrite old thought patterns

Identify motivation roadblocks

Learn to live in the present

Tap into your higher self

overcome fear-based thinking

live more confidently

unleash your potential

Create positive behavioural change

Client Testimonials


Shadan's passion for empowering women is infectious. I came away feeling so good about myself. I can't recommend Shadan highly enough. A huge 5 stars from me.


Spending time with this lovely, honest and very talented lady was my best lunch hour ever! The advice received and uplifting motivation to be the best me has been a real life changer.


If you want realistic goal support and long lasting transformation in your life, I can't recommend Shadan's coaching enough.


"It is no exaggeration to say Shadan's workshops have changed my life for the better. I have finally found a way to look in the mirror and accept myself. This is no small feat after years of self loathing. In her unique charasmatic and fun way, Shadan has shown me how to find my own style and how to bring the sunshine and colour back into my life."


"I came to Inna Moment reluctantly and left having my mind completely changed about myself! It took several sessions with Shadan to uncover some pretty deep stuff, but there’s a weight been lifted. Go see her. Talk to her and let her break down your walls. It'll be the best investment you make for yourself, I promise.


Since working with Shadan I've kicked several bad habits, gained huge confidence and found my mojo again. I'm happy, motivated and just about to embark on a new business adventure, none of which would have been happening if it weren't for Shadan.

Your Investment

Approximately 1 hour per session

$199 first session


$149 per subsequent sessions

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions available to suit your lifestyle

What's Included?

All coaching clients receive customized coaching and unparalleled attention and support. Sessions are available face to face, via Zoom or telephone support. 


Depending upon the personalised coaching program you choose, you will receive email and text support in between your coaching sessions.

Before beginning your coaching relationship, we will discuss your exact goals, your current challenges and your lifestyle so that your coaching results are maximised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live local?


I work with clients all over the globe!  As long as you have access to the internet, we will be able to connect.

Is what I share confidential?

Without question.  Similar to a therapy setting, what you share in our sessions stays in our sessions.

Does confidence coaching replace therapy?

Confidence Coaching is not therapy.  There are overlapping similarities in the work you will do and what you might discuss, but coaching is not intended to replace therapy. 

Discovery Call

Book your free discovery call and find out how coaching can benefit you

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