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The Ultimate Life Design

A self-paced program for women who are ready for heightened self-confidence, deeper self-acceptance, and lasting change.

Do you crave deeper self acceptance and self confidence?


Are you struggling to believe in yourself?

The Ultimate Life Design is for women who are ready to feel good about themselves and want to make sustainable change in their lives.

This self-paced program, that you work through in your own time, as it suits, is not for the faint-hearted.  You'll be challenged to rethink old ways, acknowledge bad habits and limiting self-beliefs, dig deep and uncover hidden truths.


But you won't be alone . . .


Throughout your journey, you'll be supported with three, in-depth, personal coaching sessions with Confidence Coach, Shadan.

The Ultimate Life Design is about accelerating personal growth, igniting deep self-reflection and cultivating authentic confidence and self-acceptance.

So if you're ready to gain increased confidence by mastering your mindset and getting clear on what you want . . . if you're ready to level up your lifestyle, reduce anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs and become your most amazing self . . . this is for you.

The Ultimate Life Design

What you get :

  • A self-guided downloadable workbook for you to work through at your own pace.

  • Three hour-long personal coaching sessions with Shadan.

Reconnect with YOU, elevate your confidence, improve your life and step into your fullest potential.

Take a peek inside!

Click on the image below to zoom in and see a couple of the pages from the workbook.

Shadan Conradie confidence coach at Inna

Hey! I'm so glad you're here!

I’m on a mission to prove that a deep self love, empowering inner confidence and a strong sense of purpose is not only possible for you, it's the ONLY way to live your best life. ​

And I can help you achieve it.

I know you'll love The Ultimate Life Design program, because it's been created for women just like you. 

Can't wait to connect with you.


Shadan Conradie.jpg

Client Testimonials


Shadan's passion for empowering woman is infectious. I can't recommend Shadan highly enough. A huge 5 stars from me.


Spending time with this lovely honest and very talented lady was my best lunch hour ever! The advice received and uplifting motivation to be the best me has been a real life changer.


If you want realistic goals support and long lasting transformation in your life, I can't recommend Shadan's coaching enough.


I started my self discovery journey with Shadan and my life changed. For the first time, I got to know myself and found a self confidence I'd always been lacking.


I'm learning so much about who I am. Working with Shadan has been the best investment I've made for myself.


Since working with Shadan I've kicked several bad habits, gained huge confidence and found my mojo again. I'm happy, motivated and just about to embark on a new business adventure, none of which would have been happening if it weren't for Shadan.

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Still on the fence?

Not quite ready to commit?


Book a free discovery session to discuss your needs and learn if Life Design is a good fit for you.

Get started!

Don't wait another day, another week, another year to design the life you were always meant to live.

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