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trash to treasure

This has to be one of my all time favourite things to do.

Sift through your items. I'll bet you have skirts, shirts and jackets aplenty that you still see hope for but just can't wear for a number of reasons but let me tell you, it is entirely possible to personalise and revitalise items without the aid of a sewing machine or the skills of a seamstress and here's how.

* Replace chipped and 'nannerish' buttons with ones you've salvaged from another outfit or the local charity or arts store.

* Add an embroidered collar to a dull and lifeless dress.

* Take to your bloke's shirt with a pair of scissors and a bit of creativity.

* Customise your plain pumps with glue and a handful of glitter.

* Embellish an old jacket, skirt or jeans pocket with sequins and studs.

* Pin a flowered brooch to the side of your hat.

* Be prepared to vandalise in the same way you did your dolls when you were a child.

And remember it is absolutely worthwhile purchasing a shirt just for its buttons or a cheap bracelet just for its charms. Items ripped from one item and added to another can breathe new life into dying garments.

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