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one dress, endless styles

Convertible dresses are perhaps one of my most favourite inventions, and I dont just refer to fashion, I mean ... ever! The innovative garments are designed to be fun to style, versatile and perhaps more importantly, “one size fits most”! These dresses have been designed in a unique way where by the straps can be adjusted to be wrapped tighter or looser depending on the body and style, making it a staple item that will always fit no matter what stage in life you’re in (I'm curently 31 weeks pregnant and still find these the perfect dresses for growing bellies) because as you'll find, in most designs, the silky fabric drapes beautifully over the body, with the inclusion of spandex which allows the dress to be flexible enough to fit all body types comfortably. I'm imparting my love for convertible dresses because of course Inna Moment is all about affordability, accessible styling and the everyday woman and this little gem is the perfect garment for all shaps and sizes, it stretches your fashion dollar beacause of the hundreds of ways you can wear it and comes in a huge range of colours. It's the ultimate go-to for any occaasion. Dress it up with accessories and heels for an event or dress it down with pretty sandals during the day. Love it. Buys yours here.,,,

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