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staying power

Eating, drinking, chatting, smooching ... how does our lippy stand a chance? If you're lips are bare before lunch, here's a few tips to making your lipstick ... well ... stick!

Prep The Area: If your lips are dry and flaky, you’ll get an uneven application and lipstick won't stay put, so exfoliate your lips by brushing them with your wet toothbrush then dab loose powder on your lips as a base when applying your makeup.

Layer Up: Apply a stain first and always line your lips with lip liner. Colour in your lips sightly with the liner. Do it, it has magic staying power!

Watch What You Munch: Avoid touching your mouth, chewing your lips and constant lip-licking. Try also to drink through a straw whenever possible and avoid patting your mouth after eating.

Be Prepared: Carry your lippy products with you for touch-ups.

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