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How to incorporate colour into your all black outfit

The majority of my gorgeous clients have a tough time steering away from wearing just black. It's slimming and it's an easy go-to so why would you, right? The point I'm always trying to make clear to my ladies, though, is this - I'm not saying "don't wear black" I'm saying "try not to wear JUST black". Adding colour, any colour to your 'palette of black' adds texture and interest and often brightens your complexion and therefore makes you appear younger. So here's some easy ideas on how to incorporate a bit of colour into your all black outfit.

1. Add a contrast to your all black with a printed scarf such as an animal print or floral. 2. Carry a bright handbag or clutch for a small but vibrant impact. 3. Wear an eye-catching belt to break up your block colour. 4. A jacket or blazer in tan or caramel is both subtle and stylish. 5. Team your black suit with a brazen shirt. 6. Make it pop with a pair of sparkly bright shoes. 7. Add a splash of colour with statement jewellery. A bright necklace is perfect with any all black outfit.

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