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wardrobe revamp sorted!

The average woman spends several thousand dollars per year on clothes and yet, most still feel like we have nothing to wear. And with over half the clothes in our closets not currently in use, it’s no wonder we can seemingly have so much and yet feel like we have so few satisfying options.

Constant shopping is one (fun, but expensive) way to solve the problem, or, you can 'shop your own wardrobe' to uncover some of its hidden, under-utilized treasures. Learning to reintroduce items you already own not only saves you a ton of money but it it's super fun and forces you to revamp your look and visually refresh. Here are my tips to transforming your wardrobe without draining your bank account.

It’s easy to throw on the same simple pieces every day, but most women own multiple gorgeous items they rarely or never wear. Challenge yourself to step beyond your current accessory boundaries and try layering pieces you already own, mixing bracelets and necklaces in different metals and styles for dramatic effect.

Scarves can also improve an otherwise mundane outfit. They are the unsung heroes of accessorizing. Make use of them like necklaces and play with creative ways of wrapping and tying them.

Most of us don’t have the time or creativity necessary to remake our clothing, but playing designer can be easier than you think. Focus on a few pieces you rarely or never wear, but that are flattering and complement much of your existing wardrobe. A simple wool coat becomes a lot more interesting when you attach a fur collar and a beaded collar can embellish and transform the plainest of jumpers.

One of the most dramatic ways to update an item is by changing the buttons. Plain, matching buttons can be replaced with larger, more dramatic buttons — think mismatched, metallic, covered, or even something with a little sparkle.

In fashion, as in life, we tend to put like with like. And little by little, you may find that much of your wardrobe is paired off into quaintly coupled sets. Disrupt these same-same matches by rethinking sartorial compatibility. Your wardrobe is like a puzzle, and sometimes you need only to rearrange the pieces to project a whole new image.

Hang suit pieces in different areas of your closet to force you to think of them as separates, rather than a unit. Take the matching belt off your coats and dresses and swap in a contrasting piece of a different colour or texture. Change out the matching leather shoes and belt and work in something in an animal print for example.

Curtail your propensity for colour and pattern coordination by juxtaposing complimentary clashes — red and orange, dots with stripes; there are endless possibilities.

You can’t use what you can’t see, so make the most of the items you own by creating maximum visibility. Start by clearing out items you no longer wear or want. Simply creating more space can help you see your clothes in a renewed light. Move those forgotten and previously hidden items into plain sight; it'll force you to be creative about what you can pair them with.

Start rethinking categories: Move items previously assigned to summer or winter categories into the mix with another season, and start playing with layers and textures; downgrade “special occasion” pieces that don’t see the light of day often enough and pair them with more casual pieces.

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