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Why Primer Will Save Your Beauty Routine

So primer is just a gel/cream that you put on your face before applying the rest of your beauty products, right? Wellllll .... here's a few reasons why you should be using it.

The sole purpose of primer is to make your makeup stay on. It is designed to prevent sweat from escaping your pores and wearing away at your cosmetics and to shield you from elements that are particularly threatening to your makeup, like dust, water, perspiration etc. Most importantly though, primer gives your makeup a firm base to adhere to, which gives it staying power.

Many primers are now going beyond the call of duty with formulas that specifically diminish the look of your pores before you apply your makeup. Whether you can notice your pores from a mile away, or your pores are barely visible, applying foundation has a way of magnifying those tiny little holes in your face and preventing your makeup from having that air brushed finish.

Applying a primer ensures your makeup has an even base.

Moisturisers are great for revitalizing skin, but if your skin is particularly dry primer can really help. Adding that extra layer of hydration along with your moisturiser can prevent skin from flaking and keep your makeup from drying out.

Some primers have formulas with orange or green tints (some may have both) that correct skin discolorations, such as acne or dark spots on your face. This works to diminish those problem areas before you even touch your foundation.

By giving your skin an even base, those pores are hidden and your makeup should glide go on like velvet, making for an easier and more seamless application.

Priming your eyelids will help to reduce the look of redness, dark circles and veins around your eyes and will give shadows and liners a heavier pigmentation.

In short, primer is a miracle product. It not only has the power to make your makeup bullet proof, but it covers up what you're looking to hide before you even get near your concealer.

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