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Outfit Under $20 Challenge

The Inna Moment Styling ethos is all about making fashion and styling easy, fun and affordable - regardless of lifestyle, age or budget. With this in mind, it's my job to effectively style women in a wide range of clothing and accessories, from designer labels to thrift store finds, regardless of price, or whether its high end or well-loved ... and that's simply down to HOW it's worn, what the piece is teamed with, how the accessory is matched etc etc. To prove my point, I styled the lovely Anna Gibbs in a range of outfits, all second-hand, all from thrift stores and coming in at under $20 including accessories. Yup, an entire outfit under $20, the cost of a takeaway meal! I'm going to post one image a day for the next ten days, starting with this corker! Black and white polka dot tea dress (new and never worn with tags still attached) $7.99, red beaded necklace $2.00. At a total of $9.99 it still leaves $10 in the kitty to get it taken up or taken in if needed.

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