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Summer Beauty Hacks

As the warmer weather approaches and we look forward to enjoying the season's festivities, it's worthwhile having a few tricks up your sleeve to stay looking fresh and glowy, rather than a sweaty, frizzy mess. Here's my top summer beauty hacks.

* Besides frizz, the worst part of heat styling your hair during the summer is sweating while you’re blow drying our hair. Apply a powder deodorant to the back of your neck about 10 minutes before blow drying your hair. It has the same antiperspirant effect on your neck as it does under your arms.

* Try using a makeup setting spray to keep your makeup from smudging, melting, or smearing. To help it stay put all day long, just spritz it onto your face after you’ve done your makeup and try to keep your hands off your face.

* We all know that the safest way to tan is to avoid the sun and fake it, but using self-tanner can lead to unsightly streaky, orange patches. To get rid of these, mix together baking soda and a bit of water to create a paste. Use the mixture to gently exfoliate your skin where you need to even out the tanner and you’ll be set! Just make sure to do so over a towel, just in case any of the paste falls on the floor – easy clean up!

* Obviously prevention is key when it comes to sunburn, but if you do happen to miss a spot when applying your sunscreen, or forget to apply altogether, chilled aloe vera is one of the best ways to soothe burned skin. Fill up an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and keep it in your freezer all summer long, then pop out a cube or two when you need to soothe your ailing skin.

* Dry shampoo during the summer works best when you spritz your roots at night to let the product absorb oil and perspiration while you sleep. Giving dry shampoo a bit of time to work its magic will give you much better results.

* The same way that baby powder can act as a dry shampoo to absorb excess oil, it works wonders at the beach. Once you’ve got your fill of sun and sand for the day, sprinkle baby powder on your feet, legs, and anywhere else where you’ve got sand stuck to you. The powder will absorb the moisture on your skin from sweat and salt water (which is what makes the sand stick to you) and you’ll be able to wipe all of the sand off immediately.

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