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Your Mindset Affects Your Style

I'm no psychologist, but I do know this. The way we look and the effort we chose to put into it, is a direct result of what's going on in other areas of our lives.

I rarely have an uninterrupted, restful night and that alone will affect my desire to get up and be fabulous. Think about it - when you wake up tired, unenthused, in a bad mood, feeling intimidated about what the day might hold, or worried about whatever's going on in your life, it quite literally translates to everything else! And I mean E V E R Y T H I N G !! What you choose to eat, how you respond to your family, and, naturally, what you decide to wear. Negative feelings = negative choices. We tend to grab high calorie foods to pick us up, drink excess alcohol to dull the madness (or is that just me?) and opt for clothing items that hide us. How many times have you rushed through selecting an outfit, or thrown on the same look you wear every other day, with no thought, no time spent, no fun had, just because it was the less stressful option?

The truth is, style, like life, is a mindset. When you make the choice to see the world as something that inspires you, when you say Y E S to the possibilities that the day might hold, your whole mindset changes about yourself, your work and the possibilities that surround you. You approach the day with positivity and purpose and that affects everything. The same goes for your fashion choices. Each day you have the opportunity to make a decision to put on something that makes you happy, that makes you feel fabulous, dynamic and unique. Why not showcase your personality? Why not try something new? Like mixing stripes with florals, or a bright pink lipstick. My point is that you have a choice to make a statement about who you are, to be expressive with your style every morning. So do it. Use it.

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