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Dressing With Intent

Whether you think it's shallow or not, it's a fact that within three seconds - YEP! THREE SECONDS - people form an opinion of others based just upon how they're presented, which of course is pretty much down to what they're wearing.

That being the case, doesn't it make sense that you reflect the very best version of you?

Of course it does!

Now I know there'll be some of you that think 'well I don't care what other people think about how I look' and that's fair enough. But it's a part of life that is undeniable.

When you go to work, your clients, customers, colleagues and employer EXPECT a certain physical representation. A receptionist, for example, who hasn't brushed their hair or ironed their shirt won't make a good professional first impression to anyone.

If you went for a job interview, you'd naturally make an effort to look your best, or at least better than usual, right? Why? Because it matters what that potential employer thinks and they will make a snap judgment based on your appearance, regardless of how qualified you are for the role, you will no doubt be less appealing than the candidate who actually came in dressed to impress.

So, think about this . . .

By practicing intent in your appearance, you present the best possible image to the world; one that projects confidence and purpose.

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