How To Hide Those 'Problem Areas'

Be honest, no matter what other people might think or say about how gorgeous you are, each and every one of us has some perceived problem area or body hang up that plagues us.

As a stylist, I can't magically make you believe you're boobs are fabulous or your legs are amazing, but I CAN help you grasp how to dress effectively to camouflage the bits you don't love and highlight the bits you do.

You really do have the power to make your 'problem areas' disappear by using visual tricks.

Let's break it down into 3 categories.

First, let's focus on on the bum . . .

> Pretty obvious, but best bet it to avoid anything too tight or clingy around your bum area for obvious reasons.

> A-line skirts that fall around the knee area are ideal because they draw attention away from your booty.

> Mini skirts accentuate heavy thighs and bums so if you don't want to draw attention to this area, best to avoid.

> Trouser waists should fall somewhere below the natural waistline for a better fit.

> A straight or slightly boot cut leg is the most flattering for bigger bums.

> Avoid patterned or light-coloured trousers. Dark colours are best to draw attention away from a particular area.

> Skip fussy details on trousers like big cargo pockets, ruching or excessive zippers around the hip area.

> Slimming side stripes will give the illusion of sleekness.

What about tops?

> Avoid too-baggy tops or too-tight tops. Loose tops will make you appear large all over and tight tops will make you look out of proportion to your hips.

> Look for fitted (not skin tight) T-shirts, like something with a bit of some stretch.

> Jackets and blazers should hit anywhere but the widest point of your hips. That could mean right below the waist to mid-thigh, depending on your height.

> Wear jackets and blazers open for the best vertical lines.

And as for dresses . . .

> Look for dresses that nip in at the waist and slightly flare out over hips and thighs.

> A full-skirted evening dress will hide heavy hips and thighs.

> Try sleeveless and strapless dresses to play up pretty shoulders and arms.

> An empire, or raised-waist dress brings the eye up away from problem areas., but tread carefully with this style as it can be mistaken for a maternity look with fuller figures.

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