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Wardrobe Inspiration

I get asked a ton of questions about Inna Moment​'s Wardrobe Inspiration sessions, so much so, that I figured it needed some clarification.

So here's the skinny . . .

>> Wardrobe Inspos take place in your wardrobe. I come to you whenever's convenient - morning, noon or night, and yes even on weekends.

>> This session is not about telling you what and what not to wear, but rather to give you MORE options from your existing wardrobe.

>> The time spent will help you evaluate your style and work out what needs editing. i.e. why don't you wear that pretty pleated skirt you bought 3 years ago and how can we incorporate it, or move it out if it no longer inspires you.

>> I help you find ways to mix and match your pieces to create outfits you've perhaps never considered.

>> Together we identify what's missing and what you have perhaps too much of.

>> I promise you'll learn stuff and be inspired by your very own stash, or at least what your stash COULD be.

>> I DO NOT suggest you throw stuff out. That choice is YOURS.

>> I WILL give my honest opinion ALWAYS.

>> I WILL NOT judge your style, clothing purchases, lack of clothing or hoarding tendancies.

>> I WILL NOT suggest you spend a fortune on shopping for new items.

>> I am always available to offer post session advice.

>> I will always recommend and advise truthfully and authentically, based on YOU, your style and your personality.

>> I am NOT a bulldozer. I will come into your space professionally, but also like a trusted friend, to offer expert opinion and guidance.

>> I rarely knock back offers of tea / coffee / wine. 😜

And here’s what people are saying about their Wardrobe Inspiration experience . . .

“I love Shadan's relaxed, reassuring manner and she has fabulous ideas. After the session I felt like I had a whole new wardrobe - I highly recommend.”

“I have a heap of new outfits without having even gone shopping! Get a Wardrobe Inspiration session with Inna Moment! It changed my perspective on getting dressed.”

“I never thought having someone go through my clothes would motivate so much.”

“I found new ways to wear stuff I forgot I even owned. Best fun I’ve had in ages!”

Want some of your own Wardrobe Inspiration? Get in touch for more info.

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