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S U N D A Y • S T Y L I N G

Busy women want practical, easy care clothing. Whether it’s retirees, stay-at-home mums or just busy women who struggle with both the motivation and time to wear anything other than leggings and sloppy tops; I’ve learned that “baggy" often means "comfy.

Unfortunately it’s common for women to want to cover up, but your drive for comfort will often equate to wearing overly voluminous garments that swamp your frame and actually make you look larger.

So how do you avoid this, but still feel comfortable and unexposed?

> Opt for fabrics that have some stretch, that allows you to move easily.

> Avoid wearing too much volume at once. Instead, wear one voluminous garment, paired with something more fitted; like skinny jeans and a loose fitting top for example.

> Jackets are a great way to cover up a softer mid-section and untoned arms. Softer jackets made from materials with some stretch are uber comfy and very wearable. Throwing a jacket over jeans and a knit top will instantly make you look pulled together.

Keep in mind that wearing larger sizes can make you appear sloppy and as if you're wearing a tent. So embrace your shape and learn to work with what you’ve got with the right sizing and fit.

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