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Wardrobe Staples : A T-Shirt Bra

No matter what you wear, or how fabulous your outfit may be, your base layer should never be overlooked. And by base layer, I'm referring to your bra.

Because your choice of bra can make or break an entire outfit.

T-shirt bras are much like shapewear in that they are not necessarily the prettiest of bras but are designed for function and practicality while offering support, lift and shape with a seam-free look.

A good fitting T-Shirt bra is a must for versatility. Not only is it the bra that can be worn with literally any item of clothing, but ss with any bra, when a T-shirt bra is correctly fitted it can offer a minimised look to the bust.

The common misconception is they are padded, when in fact they have no added padding, but instead offer a mould of varying rigidity and thickness, which makes them appear bigger than the traditional lacy bras. The moulded layer reduces nipple show and gives a set shape to your bust, whether projecting forward or a more 'natural' rounded shape.

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