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Wardrobe Wednesdays

Wardrobe Staples : Loungewear

Tracksuit fan or not, your lived-in comfy-cosy trackies, onesies and hoodies are not only items of importance, but clothing we should be both spending time wearing and investing in.

Whether it's utility-style trousers, super-soft knits or luxe two-piece loungewear, it’s so important to have these easy pull-on pieces in our wardrobes, that allow us to unwind but still look and feel stylish.

We spend almost half of our time asleep, so it makes sense to give bedtime fashion some attention too.

True comfort is a luxury so when investing in your new comfy pieces, go for items in super soft fabrics like cashmere or blends with a high-cotton content and don't forget those all important details such as drawstrings, comfy hoods and flattering dipped hems. And consider choosing a size bigger than you would usually. Or go one step further and slip into something from the men's department.

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