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Foolproof shopping advice

Tell me, how many of you out there have experienced overwhelm, anxiety, nervousness or self judgement when using a store's change room?

Believe it or not, there was once a time when I would avoid using them altogether, so I understand my client's apprehension when shopping for themselves.

If you've ever felt uncomfortable communicating with salespeople, feeling that nothing is going to look good/work and total avoidance of shopping for these very reasons, you are not alone.

Here's how I shifted my approach to change rooms and overcame my fear of using them with a bit of advice.

> First of all, don't make things difficult for yourself. Go in with everything you want and need, that being the same item in more than one size. That way you're not popping your head out, half naked, having to ask for the next size up or down. This can be a real game changer. For some of us there's nothing worse than being in a crowded change room only to have to ask a stranger to grab you the next size up. Bottom line is, go in over prepared.

> Wear something that's easy to try to stuff on over the top of. By this I mean a slimline vest/singlet and leggings/tights. These are great options for those of you that would prefer not to get completely stripped off, while still being able to see what an item looks like and how well it sits on your body.

> Be open to trying stuff on, even the pieces you’re unsure of. The change room is the place to be bold and give things a go. It's just you in there, after all.

> Take a deep breath and ask yourself ‘how do I feel?’ because feelings are important. Other people’s opinions and/or societal trends, shouldn't be a factor. Feeling comfortable, happy and yourself when you look in the mirror is your main objective.

> If you’re mentally not up to it, don’t force it. Shopping when you're not in the right frame of mind is just never a good idea. Wait until you're feeling ready.

Need a shopping expert to guide you? I'm your girl.

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