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"Get On With It" Mindset

We’ve all been advised at some point in our lives to “push through” a difficult experience.

In fact, that “get on with it” mindset was taught to me throughout my entire life.

My Mother instilled in me to never wallow, to suck it up and to remember that "there's always somebody worse off than you".

I didn't realise it until much later in life that I’d ignored, buried and denied true feelings in uncomfortable, painful situations in order to makes others more comfortable, to avoid feeling selfish or being chastised for "feeling sorry for myself".

I had learned to feel ashamed for crying over things.

But the truth is, strength and growth comes from not ignoring or running from our grief and pain and overwhelming emotions, but confronting them.

When she passed, I believed that I had to fast forward through my grieving process because that's what my Mum would want.

I recall even telling people that I had to get it together because I could hear her voice in my head saying "Fer Gawdsake woman, get up and get on with it" in her thick Scottish drawl.

And it wasn't through a lack of empathy or compassion that my Mother enforced this way of thinking.

It was simply that she didn't believe in the 'woe is me mindset'.

Life's what you make of it, and all that.

What I now know is that it's important to about take the time to feel, to be honest about those feelings, to sit with them and acknowledge them.

What are your thoughts? Please share them with me.


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