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incorporating colour the easy way

"I'm too old for bright colours but I don't want to look drab" ... sound like you? Then stop it, right now! NO ONE IS TOO OLD FOR COLOUR! And if you're apprehensive about incorporating it into your wardrobe, then here's a handful of tips to inspire: 1. You're comfortable in black - you find it slimming and easy - then don’t feel the need to make a dramatic change, simply add dashes of colour with one of the following: a bright handbag, patterned shoes, a bold red lipstick, an interesting scarf or a statement necklace. 2. Your clothing is relatively eclectic but your face needs brightening. Try these simple additions: Use an illuminator under the eyes and on your cheekbones, go a little heavier with your blusher, experiment with your eyeshadow colours and go bright and bold with your lipstick. 3. Nail polish is the perfect way to jazz up an outfit quickly and cheaply, it’s also a quick fix for giving you a boost of colour and a spring in your step when you otherwise feel a little blah. 4. An oversized colourful statement brooch or flower on your blazer/jacket lapel adds instant pizazz! 5. Dare to add a few brightening highlights to your hair. Chat to your stylist about keeping the colour sublte and complimentary to your skin tone. 6. Add a bright oversized belt to a block coloured outfit. i.e. bright red with all navy is super stylish and electric blue or a vibrant orange with all black. 7. Don’t be afraid to mix' n' match colours you've never tried before. Blue and yellow, red and tan. Experiment in front of a full length mirror with your pieces and see what works. 8. Patterns, florals, spots, stripes, they're your friends and there’s no hard and fast rule on what you can and can't pull off so team that spotty dress with your plain black blazer, wear your stripy top with a floral accessory. Give it a go. 9. Pastels on white are gorgeous. Pair a cascading cardigan and matching coloured necklace with an all white outfit for instant glamour. 10. Dare to mix up your makeup routine by drawing attention to your best facial features with colour. Swap your neutral black or brown liner for a brightly coloured one. Go a little bolder with that lipstick.

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