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Live with Intention

Control your inputs.

It's such a powerful statement and one that I am embracing more as I age/grow/learn/focus on self development.

Taking stock of what we feed ourselves (and I'm not just talking food) is the foundation of a happy life.

So here a just a few of the changes I have made in my own life that are paving the way to a healthier mindset.

> Reigning in the alcohol intake. Consuming too much, too often was making me fuzzy. I enjoy a social drink or two but it was becoming far too frequent and I needed to approach my drinking from a celebratory perspective rather than an every day habit.

> Clocking out of other people's mess. I found other people's rants/dramas/thoughts/unsolicited opinions/hypocrasy/hateful comments etc on social media to be frustrating, time wasting and just plain distracting, so I unfollowed the stuff I didn't want to see.

> Being unavailable. I had to really think about what and who I was allowing access to me and made a conscious decision to be unavailable to the things/people/groups that weren't healthy for me.

> I got honest. Even though it meant having difficult conversations about what I was going to tolerate and what I wasn't happy with, in an attempt to finally put myself first.

I encourage y'all to do the same.

Your entire life will be better for it.


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