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make the effort

With 2 small children (and a third on the way) I know a thing or two about sleep deprivation. That feeling of having to peel yourself out of bed after a sleepless night with a sick child, a teething baby; it takes its toll but the truth is we all have two options when we wake in the morning.

1. Go with the excuse that you’ve had a rough night and you deserve to look exactly how you feelor


2. Make even a little effort and wow everyone.

Here’s 5 few easy how-to’s.

1. Make sure you dress from your seasonal colour palette – if you aren’t sure which season you are, book a Personal Style Session and find out.

2. Spend an extra 5 minutes to give your face a quick exfoliation. It will get your circulation flowing, removing that dull tired layer of skin and creating a natural glow to your face.

3. Concealer is your best friend today for under-eye shadows. Try a tinted skin brightener (which is just a fancy term for a light reflective fluid) over or under your concealer/foundation or a tinted moisturiser.

4. Brown eyeliner brings out the red in your eyes whereas blues and greys brings out the whites. Keep your overall makeup application light and minimal. Use light shades on your lids, and a subtle metallic nude colour will help chase away the shadows.

5. Accessorise Brightly! Bring out the bling with a statement necklace or a bright scarf draws which will draw attention away from tired eyes and radiate energy through light reflection.


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