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You know What You're Capable Of

The thing about suffering in self doubt is that you're buying into lies. The lies you tell yourself. The limitations YOU put on yourself.

In order to work through self doubt, you need strength, but it actually doesn't matter how strong you are, it matters how strong you WANT to be.

I read recently that to be successful (in any area of your life) you must first visualize that success as if you've already achieved it and you're basking in success.

We need to operate from the space that we’re trying to reach, as opposed to where we are currently.

And this sentiment of operating from where you want to be, rather than where you are, can be applied to so much in your life - from furthering your education, or applying for a new job, to joining a gym and self development.

So I encourage you to consider your end goal and take action as if you're ALREADY living it.

Stop worrying that you're not ready, not good enough, fit enough, attractive enough, confident enough.

Start operating from where you WANT to be, rather than where you are.

Because deep down you know exactly what you're capable of.


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