MORE Self Appreciation

Y’know what we women are REALLY good at?

Everything, obviously, but also - self-criticism.

We’re on a never-ending mission to change . . . and not necessarily in a positive way.

Evolution is good. Necessary in fact. But so too is acknowledging how fabulous, capable and awesome we already are.

Instead of repeating that “must get skinnier, must look younger, must have fuller lips, must have smaller bum, must have bigger boobs” mantra, we must focus on celebrating what we already have.

You are already enough.

See your worth.

Acknowledge your accomplishments.

It makes smashing your goals so much more incredible to start from a place of self-love rather than self-loathing.

Self appreciation. We could ALL do with more of that, right?

And I'm not just referring to the physical - though learning to love our bodies is SO much a part of it - I'm talking about who we are as a whole, what we do and how we live.

We are so damn tough on ourselves, from the way we parent, to the way we eat; it's an endless cycle and we put ourselves and each other under a whole lot of pressure to function with productivity and motivation, all while looking fabulously put together.

I encourage you to take a moment to really appreciate yourself.

Appreciate your body, even if it's tired, sluggish and not at it's best.

Appreciate your surroundings, your environment, your home and possessions you're so fortunate to call your own.

Appreciate your relationships; the partner, husband, friends, neighbours and family that support you.

Appreciate your health, your dreams and aspirations, and the fact that you're reading this in comfort.

Because if anything, it's a reminder that someone is out there rooting for you! (that's me, by the way)