Hey young girl . . .

How many of us look back at old photos of ourselves and think "Wow I was attractive, slim, pretty, why didn't I know it then?"

I'd say most women I know have at some stage referred to their teenage years as if the girl they used to be was better than the women they now are.

If I could give the naive and self critical seventeen year old in this images some worthy advice, amongst many things, it’d be to love to her body as it is, right now.

I would tell her that in time it would change, swell, stretch, scar and look different, so love it as it is, right now.

I would urge her to regard herself with love and appreciation.

I would plead with her to embrace her curves, be thankful for her clear skin, embrace her wide nose and high cheek bones.

I'd tell her that one day after her body had given her three beautiful children and proved how strong and resilient it was, over and over again, that she would appreciate it and learn how to take control of it and cherish what it can do.

I would tell her not to wait until that day and start loving it RIGHT NOW.

I can't change the past. I can't make seventeen year old me change her mind, find confidence, start loving herself, but I CAN help other people to start.

And that is really what Inna Moment is all about.

Don't wait . . . whether you're 17 or 70, love you NOW.