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Positive Parenting + Self Appreciation

I made a decision some time ago to never talk negatively about my appearance around my children.

It’s not always easy, but I was determined, so I started with baby steps.

One of those steps is that if my children takes a picture or asks to have one with me, I always oblige, no matter how I look or feel.

And when shown that picture, I always make a positive comment about it, like “I love my big smile” or “I look so happy!”

No makeup, hair a mess, hormonal, wearing pjs, no matter what, I strive to never speak negatively about myself to or around my children.

And I encourage you to do the same.

Not only is it healthy parenting, it becomes habitual and part of your reality.

Remember your brain believes the words you speak about yourself.

So take the picture, be vulnerable in front of your children, be proud of who and what you are - they’ll follow suit.


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